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Performance Post provides fully integrated digital media services for every stage of your production. We stand ready to help you long before the director yells "Cut!"

We will be with you from the beginning until the moment the final edited content is viewed on screen, web, or wherever your creative endevors are displayed. We will help you through the stages of planning, creative post production, content management, distribution, and cost management. Performance Post does all of these things.

Our creative team is experienced in a wide variety of production and post production formats, including commercials, on-air promotion, music video production, television programming, general entertainment, documentary and corporate video production. We can advise you on creative and cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

Performance Post is ready to deliver on your project with talents both in the technical and creative.

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 Online Editing & Finish  Final Cut Editing
 Color Correction  Compositing and Rotoscoping
 Audio Sweetening & 
 Time Compression/Expansion
 Time Tailor  Duplication
 Closed Caption Encoding  Media and File encoding