Time Compression & Expansion

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Creative offline, Online editing. Avid Symphony's.

Sound Mix and Sound Design

Work with our talented staff to provide the best possible 5.1, stereo mixes and Calm Compliant Audio.

Time Compression & Expansion

We are the first in the world to bring our Master Grade Retiming™ technology to your projects.

File Encoding

Encode/transcode workflow powering 4k, HD & SD workflows. Ingest & create a widearray of file formats to meet your delivery requirements, including metadata wrapping such as closed captions

Roto work and Effects

Powerful roto creation capabilities, from SD and HD to 4k and beyond.

Digital Mastering

Eliminate your tape, call to learn about our all digital workflows.

High Speed Digital Delivery

High bandwidth fibre capabilities delivering files quickly around the world.

Quality Control

Server based quality control analysis and good old fashion human expertise!

and more...

We will work with you and your team to create a budget that meets your goals. Your success and project's target costs are important to us. We will develop a package that is tailored just for your own special needs. We are always available, call us or send us a message and we'll get back to you quickly with a response.
We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service to our clients. The attention given to your projects is unique and rare in the industry. This is why you our clients keep coming back, time after time.
Our technical support is the best in the industry. Our staff of brilliant engineers not only solves problems, but inovates, creates, and responds to the technical challenges. Performance Post is always aggressive in looking to the future needs and solutions. If it doesn't exist, well we will just have to invent it!!

About Our Company

Established in 1981, Performance Post has served the television and broadcast industry by providing leading technical and creative services.